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Johnny 5 Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Below are a list of rules that we feel make our server a better
place to play. We hold all our clan members and users to this code. If you break
this code you will be asked to respect our rules. As clan members I expect all
of you to be examples to the rest. If you have any further questions on these
rule please e-mail me or post in our forums. These rules
will be enforced by the admins to keep the gameplay and atmosphere fun and
friendly. (well as friendly as CT and T's can be In case your wondering
where these rules come from, most of them are borrowed from the OGL (Online
Gaming League).

LEGAL / NOT considered Cheating:

Counter-Strike must be played as packaged from the CS team, either downloaded
or boxed.

Buy scripts are legal

Modifying the color text in the console IS LEGAL

Boosting with ONE teammate is LEGAL

It is legal to boost with ONE other player to plant a bomb in a hard to access
area. If a team uses more than one other player to boost with it is considered
illegal. If the opposing team only has one player left and cannot reach the bomb
due to not having another player to reach the bomb's location with, it is still
considered a legal bomb plant.

What IS ILLEGAL / IS considered Cheating:

Bunnyhopping, or "strafe jumping" that allows you to move EXTREMELY
fast through the map is ILLEGAL.

Grenade scripts (those that BUY, ARM and TOSS bound to a single key) are ILLEGAL.

There are several known methods of cheating in HLCS, all of which are ILLEGAL.

Boosting with MORE THAN ONE teammate is ILLEGAL.

Hostage Killing

Any team or player that takes advantage of a map exploit to gain an unintended
advantage will be banned. Map exploits, including, but definitely not limited
to the "clipping" bug on "as_oilrig", floating boxes on "de_nuke",
and the ledge bug on "de_dust2". If you are not sure if a tactic is
an exploit or not, please email an admin.

Silent bomb planting is considered ILLEGAL and will result in a kick/ban.


If you suspect a team/player of cheating, please notify an admin with details.

Conclusive Proof of cheating is VERY difficult in Counter-Strike - it requires
Demos, server logs and match-time screenshots. Screenshots and server logs alone
MAY be able to prove a cheat, but it is extremely difficult.


Commonly offensive language or player names. Offensive language will be determined
by the admin. It contains items such as the basic "four-letter" cuss
words, to racist language. Again, it will be up to the admin to determine if
the word is deemed offensive.

Offensive behavior

Offensive or slanderous commentary directed at the opposing team or concerning
the opposing team used with the intent of offending, distracting, humiliating,
or expressing disrespect toward a worthy opponent on the field of combat.

Behavior like this makes the game less fun for everyone. INCLUDING
the admins.

Repeated un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

Game Server
J5 Chiverlry
PLAYERS: 0 / 32
J5 TF2 CTF Rotation (Port Angeles, WA)
PLAYERS: 0 / 24
Game Server
PLAYERS: 0 / 64
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